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Family Services at Riaz Dental Surgery

Prevention-Focused Treatments in Parkes

For over 50 years, we’ve continued the mission of providing gentle, patient-focused care that enhances the oral health and quality of life for families like yours. It all starts with creating a comfortable environment where individuals are valued and respected. We want your visits with us to be enjoyable and stress-free. To us, patient care is paramount.

Types of Services that We Offer

Patient and Dentist

General Dentistry — From small white fillings to complex smile rehabilitation, we’ll show you how to address your current dental problems and take steps to avoid them from affecting other teeth.

Preventative Dentistry — Ongoing checkups and cleans can help you keep your natural teeth healthy for life. We also provide protective mouth guards, sealants and more.

Dental Implants — A long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth for years to come. An implant can help replace one tooth or several at a time.

Cosmetic Dentistry — Enhance your smile’s appearance with our customised veneers, porcelain crowns or prescription strength tooth whitening.

Children’s Dental Care — Young smiles deserve great care too. We love kids and provide gentle, enjoyable visits to keep your child’s smile healthy well into adulthood.

Dentures and Partials — Removable custom dentures offer a straightforward and affordable option to replace missing teeth.

Extractions/Wisdom Teeth — Decaying or damaged teeth can cause severe pain or infection. In some cases, removing them may be the best solution.

Root Canal Therapy — When possible, restoring your tooth from the inside can allow you to retain ones that have abscessed or fractured, instead of having them extracted.

Teeth Whitening — Brighten your smile by erasing the years of food stains or natural discolouration inside of your tooth enamel.

Crowns and Bridges — A full coverage, porcelain restoration such as a crown or bridge is ideal for preserving fractured teeth or replacing missing ones.

Not sure what treatment you need? Our friendly team is happy to discuss your options to help you decide on the best solution. Book a visit with Parkes’s only female dentist today.

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(02) 6862 1261

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